Oxford (Eynsham)


Situated at Eynsham on the banks of the Thames between Oxford and Witney this boatyard offers an extensive range of narrowboats. Choose from sailing the Upper Thames to bring you to Lechlade, set on the edge of the Cotswolds, with its variety of shops, leisure activities and interesting historic buildings or head south to bring you to the centre of Oxford, famous for its University. For the really adventurous, a fourteen day cruise will take you to London allowing a couple of days to see the city sights, watch a show or perhaps shop in one of the capital’s famous stores.

Free of charge
  • Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Extra persons
  • Damage waiver
  • Car parking
  • 1 pet per boat (maximum 2 pets per boat, 1 at extra charge)

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  • 562/400/562721
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  • 603/400/603795
  • 803/400/803286
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