Ready, aim, fire and feel like Robin Hood with this exciting pastime that stretches back across the ages.

Discover archery

Why choose archery?

Did you know?

  • “There is evidence from South Africa’s Pinnacle Point that dates the bow and arrow back 71,000 years ago!”
  • “Archery is known to reduce stress, sharpen the mind, tone the upper body and strengthen the back.”
  • “The modern Olympic recurve bow is based on a design from over 3500 years ago!”
  • “Archery is hugely popular on screen, being featured in The Hunger Games, Avatar, Avengers Assemble, The Lord of the Rings, Brave, Rambo, Robin Hood, and The Walking Dead.”
  • “Archers shoot with their dominant eye, not whether they are left or right-handed.”


  • Fun warm up activities to get you in the zone
  • Enticing array of challenges and games; shoot targets, balloons, stickers and even mini-boats!
  • Your own bow, bracer and arrow

What To Bring

  • Comfortable, long sleeved clothing
  • Suitable footwear, such as boots or trainers
  • A good eye for the target!

Hints and tips

Dial your eye in, focus your mind and perfect your technique by using these archery tips from our expert instructors to help improve your skills and accuracy before your day with us! Get your bow grip right, clear your mind with special breathing techniques, and don’t forget to test your anchor point!

  • Stance

    Just like you’ll find in other sports, your posture or stance affects your aim. Before you even raise your bow, think about your feet! Angle both feet at a right angle to the target and a tad bit less apart than your shoulders.

  • Anchor Points

    This is the point, usually under the cheek bone with the bowstring pulled to the tip of your nose, where the bow is pulled back before firing. Everyone is different so give different anchor points a go to find the most comfortable one for you!

  • Aiming

    Now is the time to practise breathing techniques to clear your mind. Inhale deeply as you’re aiming, allowing five to ten seconds to focus on the target before releasing your shot. Doing this will help you hit those bullseyes!

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