Experience the powerful crossbow and fire bolts into targets with this ancient yet exciting sport.

Discover crossbow

Why choose crossbow?

Did you know?

  • “There is evidence that crossbows were used for military purposes since the 4th century BCE!”
  • “Crossbow is a healthy activity that sharpens the eye and mind.”
  • “Crossbows played a significant role in many ancient wars across East Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean.”
  • “Crossbows are still used today by military and police forces due to its stealth capabilities.”
  • “William Tell used to a crossbow to shoot an apple off his son’s head to avoid punishment.”


  • Passionate instructors will teach you how to crossbow.
  • Experience crossbow in the new indoor activity centre, so you can shoot bolts whatever the weather!
  • You’ll be supplied with your very own crossbow and bolts!

What To Bring

  • Comfortable warm clothing.
  • A camera to catch you hitting a bullseye!
  • Bottles of water to help keep your focus during the session.
  • Suitable footwear.

What's next

  • Having fired bolts from your crossbow, climb inside a giant inflatable bubble and roll about on water with an exciting Water Walkerz session.

Hints and tips

  • Get a feel for the trigger as knowing when the trigger will fire the bolt will result in a smoother shot, ensuring a higher level of accuracy.

  • Breathe deeply whilst you aim, counting to 5 as you focus on the target. Practise this and you’re one step closer to hitting bulleyes!

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