Landal De Bloemert

Midlaren, Drenthe, Holland

Landal De Bloemert enjoys an idyllic setting beside the Zuidlaarder Lake, adjacent to the Noordlaarder Woods. Boasting a private marina – perfect for sailing or lazing on your own jetty – this is a unique base for a wonderful European family holiday.
The ‘cycle province’ of the Netherlands, the Drenthe region bursts with magnificent scenery and historic gems. Groningen is among numerous attractions close by.

This park has:
Restaurant with bar and terrace on the waterside‡

Children’s playgrounds

Cycle hire‡

Lake with pedal boats, canoeing, windsurfing and sailing

Marina with sailing school

Mini golf, basketball, volleyball

Tennis courts


Wi-Fi access

Please note
‡Limited opening hours
There will be a moderate charge for most sports, leisure, and other facilities. Opening dates and times may vary and some facilities may be unavailable in some periods especially outside the main holiday season.

Standard Savers:

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