Bassenthwaite Lakeside Lodges

Bassenthwaite, Keswick

Nestling at the foot of the dramatic Skiddaw Mountain, on the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake, these superb lodges offer an idyllic setting in one of the Lake District’s most gloriously unspoilt areas. Breathtaking views, tranquil surroundings and wonderful walks are yours to enjoy.

Historic houses, gardens, castles, monuments, museums and many fascinating craft shops and galleries are all within 30 minutes drive of this small and exclusive park, which holds the David Bellamy Gold Award for conservation.

There is Wi-Fi available on the park. Fishing (license required Mar 1-Nov 15 ’16), a small children’s play area, a DVD lending library and a launderette* are also available. Private sailing is welcome on park (Mar 31-Oct 31). All other facilities available for all dates except Dec 25, 26 and Jan 1. *Charges apply.

This park has:

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    • BAS/400/BASS-01A_13
    • BAS/400/BASS-11A_13
    • BAS/400/BASS-11B_13
    • BAS/400/BASS-11C_13
    • BAS/400/BASS-11D_09
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP1795_EX01A_09
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP1795_EX01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP1795_IN01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP1795_IN03A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP1795_IN04A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP7486_EX01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP7486_EX02A_13
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP7486_EX02A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP7486_IN01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP7486_IN03A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP7486_IN04A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8217_EX01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8217_EX02A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8217_in01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8217_IN03A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8217_IN04A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8215_EX01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8215_EX02A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-LP8215_IN01A_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-01B_15
    • BAS/400/BASS-01C_15