Summer Leisure


These individual waterside properties are located close to an attractively landscaped boatyard set slightly back from the main river. Wroxham, the renowned ‘Capital of Broadland’ is just a short walk away offering you a wealth of shops, excellent amenities, hotels, inns and pubs.

This park has:

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    • SUM/400/SUMH-01A_04
    • SUM/400/SUMH-LP1190_EX01A_05
    • SUM/400/SUMH-LP2340_EX01A_05
    • SUM/400/SUMH-LP2355_EX01A_05
    • SUM/400/SUMH-LP1189_EX01A_05
    • SUM/400/SUMH-LP1925_EX01A_05
    • SUM/400/SUMH-LP2339_EX01A_05
    • SUM/400/SUMH-LP2343_EX01A_05