Llanrug, Caernarfon

Brynteg is part of our Go Active Breaks Collection, the perfect place to make the most of the great outdoors in the foothills of magnificent Snowdonia. Ideal for a family holiday doing as little or as much as you like!

Set between mountains and sea, and boasting its own mountain lake, this is truly the best of both worlds – a fabulous choice of activities combined with an idyllic, relaxing country retreat.

Snowdon’s spectacular summit railway is just 5 minutes’ drive away, Caernarfon, Padern Lake and a wealth of castles, steam train rides and glorious beaches are all close by.
An excellent touring base, Brynteg is within easy reach of many of North Wales’ attractions and places of interest.

This park has:
Indoor tropically heated pool with children’s pool

Spa*, sauna* and steam room*


Country Club with Brasserie restaurant

Over 21s Library Bar

Poolside Bistro with outside decked area

Wi-Fi access

20ft indoor climbing wall*and trampolining


Aero ball*

Indoor soft play area

Snooker/pool table*

Sports hall and badminton*


Adventure play park

Fishing*, tennis* and table tennis*


Please note
All facilities available Mar 25-Apr 9, May 28-Jun 4, Jul 23-Sep 3 and Oct 22-29 (restricted opening times outside of these dates) *Charges apply.

All facilities available Mar 25-Apr 9, May 28-Jun 4, Jul 23-Sep 3 and Oct 22-29 (restricted opening times outside of these dates) *Charges apply.

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    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP6732_IN04A_15
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    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP1184_EX01A_15
    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP1184_IN01A_15
    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP1184_IN03A_15
    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP7550_EX01A_15
    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP7550_EX02A_15
    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP7550_IN01A_15
    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP7550_IN03A_15
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    • BRY/400/BRYT-LP8685_IN01A_12