Great Glen Water Park

Kinlochlochy, Spean Bridge

Great Glen Water Park is surrounded by magnificent scenery on the shores of Loch Oich, with the wooded hills behind, this park offers an excellent variety of watersports and land based activities, together with the comfort and convenience of holiday lodges.

Great Glen is open all year round, the scenery and the on site activity centre make for a perfect destination, whatever the season. There is also good local skiing (from beginners to advanced) on Aonach Mor ski resort nearby.

This park has:
Indoor heated pool

Sauna* and spa bath

Bar, restaurant and coffee shop

Children’s play area


Short mat bowls* and Petanque*

Table tennis*

Body Zorbs*

Canoeing and kayaking*‡

Clay pigeon shooting*‡

Gorge walking*‡


Half size tennis court

Mountain biking*


Quad biking*‡

Salmon and trout fishing

White water rafting*‡

4x4 driving*‡

Please note
Subject to availability of activities on specific dates.
‡Offsite under separate management (transport by arrangement).
*Charges apply.

Subject to availability of activities on specific dates.
‡Offsite under separate management (transport by arrangement).
*Charges apply.

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