Paradise Lakeside Lodges

Storwood, York

An idyllic rural retreat with carefully managed grassland and woodland – home to a variety of flora and fauna. Superbly positioned round the banks of two coarse fishing lakes, set in 15 acres of naturally landscaped grounds, these delightful lodges offer you stylish accommodation for a truly peaceful and relaxing holiday, together with outdoor play area (under 12yrs) and fishing* – catering for all abilities.

*Charges apply.

This park has:

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    • PAR/400/PARA-LP2037_IN01A_08
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    • PAR/400/PARA-LP6234_IN01A_14
    • PAR/400/PARA-LP7391_EX01A_14
    • PAR/400/PARA-LP7391_IN01A_13
    • PAR/400/PARA-LP7391_IN03A_13
    • PAR/400/PARA-LP7391_IN04A_14
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