Ranksborough Hall Lodges


In the beautiful unspoilt village of Langham sits Ranksborough Hall in Rutland. This large grand house was built in 1893 for Lord Ranksborough who was then equerry to Queen Victoria. These days the hall and its surrounding fifty acres of parkland are now home to many exclusive residential and holiday homes as well as a lovely sited touring park. The delightful county of Rutland is definitely one of England’s best kept secrets as it has been mentioned many times now as ’The Cotswolds without the crowds’.
Stroll from the Hall will take guests into the village of Langham with its two historic pubs and just two miles away is the market town of Oakham with its medieval castle, county museum, fine galleries, shops and a plethora of places to eat. For the gardening enthusiasts a visit to Barnsdale Gardens is a must.
For the energetic there are plenty of walks with the Jurassic, Viking and Macmillan Ways to explore and with the famous Rutland Water very close by, the whole area will totally immerse everyone who visits the county into joining into Rutland’s lovely relaxed way of life. Enjoy a long and lazy lunch or an energetic day’s golf in the surrounding towns and villages around Ranksborough Hall.

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